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Welcome to the Marksfish Live Marine Aquarium Webcam (ReefCam)

Reefcam views the current Marksfish Marine Aquarium. The static image on this page refreshes every 10 seconds. It is possible to view a live stream on your phone/ tablet or any browser** by following the Live ReefCam link. You will need to enter guest as a username and guest as a password for Live ReefCam.

ReefCam is live 24/7, but lights come on from 2pm to 10pm UK time.

Camera is now online at a resolution of 500x 375. Feedback is appreciated.

Work has begun on bringing the reef back up to scratch again, with the installation of an algae turf scrubber (28th December 2018). Unfortunately, the webcam has since broken, so I am trying to source a new one, with a better resolution. I think I have an old one kicking around somewhere which will be put in place as a temporary measure when I find it.

Current Stock (28th December 2018)

Foxface, peacock wrasse, 2 x percula clowns, royal gramma, mandarin goby, aiptasia eating filefish.

2x tuxedo urchin.

Leather coral, green plating Montipora, purple plating Montipora, orange plating Montipora, Elegance/ Cataphyllia, Blastomussa..

My main fishkeeping website can be found here: Marksfish

Know of more live, home aquariums? Please let me know and I will link to them. Please use this form

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